Great new app for learning French - iStart French - Promo Codes Available

03-05-2013, 08:37 PM
Great new app for learning French - iStart French - Promo Codes Available

We've launched a new app for learning French, called “iStart French” for the Education category (price $4.99 or equivalent).

Mirai Language Systems specializes in tutor-based language apps, where you get the full experience of several native language tutors helping you actually understand and speak the language.

This app is targeted at complete beginners of French.

Uniqueness of this App:

1. It teaches beginner-level French by way of a dialog between a native English instructor and two native French (from France and Canada) language guides to help you pronounce French correctly.

2. The tutor dialog is in the form of “speech bubbles” which move in sync with the audio.

3. We’ve included some great flashcard functionality to help you remember the words.

4. There are several thousand sound files within the app, giving you a full audio experience to go along with the clear and striking visual appearance of the app.

5. There is an interactive quiz to go along with each lesson within the app. Answer the quiz questions and get awarded motivational “badges” — they are fun to collect!



We will be launching a LITE version of this app shortly.

If you are interested in learning French, please try out this app and give us feedback here and/or on iTunes.

Also, if you have a blog/review site, please email us for a free promo code (limited number available).

Mirai Language Systems Team
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