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Game Center Issues?

03-06-2013, 02:48 AM
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Game Center Issues?

Hullo, TouchArcade! Long-time lurker, first-time poster.

I appear to be having a few issues with Game Center achievements. I was trying to get 100% completion on a couple games with low replay value in order to free up some space, but when I was completing a few of the games, some of the achievements failed to receive, even though I had achieved then properly, such as They Need To Be Fed's "Just Jump" achievements (all three) and Scribblenauts Remix's "Welcome Mat" achievement.

Normally I'd just sort of gripe about the lack of completed achievements and then get over it (in spite of my OCD), but thinking back on this, it has previously hampered my ability to play games: as far as I can tell, Super Hexagon's saved data is linked directly to Game Center saves, and after awhile, Game Center stopped saving new data entirely (so any new scores or unlocked levels), so every time I wanted to play Hyper Hexagonest, I had to first beat Hexagon. Every single time. As a result, I deleted the game and re-downloaded it... And now it never loads. Period.

Sorry to sound like a spoiled brat on my inaugural post, but is there anything at all that can be done about these problems? Both seem to be Game Center-related, but also specific to only a few games.


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