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Made a story for my app

03-06-2013, 09:42 AM
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Made a story for my app

Just made some modifications.


If you prefer one line intro: this is a chain style match-3 game with exquisite spells, which do make it unique among the rest.

If you prefer the whole story, you can imagine yourself a sorcerer apprentice, born in a wonder place, where gems fall from the sky. Gems are colorful, shining and precious, but they have their dark side. And the dark side, magnified by their glorious nature, sometimes could be deadly.

“Genius is nuts, glorious is notorious, all colors blend into white, and the gems! They are disasters!” Your half-crazy, but not really crazy master always says so. Yes, without magic, the world would have been overwhelmed by gems. And everyday - if everyday still exists – would be like the end of the world in “splendid avalanche”. Though most people enjoy beholding “gem rain” even more than meteor rain, they don’t want to take a shower of either. So your job is to protect people, to destroy falling gems after your master.

The magic! How you longed for it. You saw your master destroy gems by chaining them with lightning released from his fingertips, by transforming them into beautiful flowers, or by launching fruit missiles as if he was taking part in a tomato fight. He’s a legend, you think. Once there’s a pouring (of gems of course), and everyone believed it’s time to run. Yet you saw your half-crazy, but not really crazy master stand by the altar, with his whole body charged and his hair radiant, releasing lightning from all his fingertips across the sky. Gems were hit, chained, and destroyed at unbelievable speed. The bursts of the gems sound like symphony and looked like fireworks. (Later he said he’s enjoying a concert as if he was the conductor, but all you felt is he’s clawing the sky like a beast.) You never saw a second man who can do it that crazy. The gems were even dragged by the lightning chains, waving in the sky like whips, or kites in a storm. “No pouring without storm or lightning!” he shouted and laughed. But all you apprentices stood behind with mouths open and shuddered, even oblivious of breath.

“He cannot make it”, you said to yourself as the pouring went bigger and bigger. More and more gems fell on the roof, the altar and the ground. The land is shaking. It seemed that the sky is about to collapse while suddenly you heard a shriek across it. You could hardly open your eyes, but you did see it in the dazzling light. Phoenix! It’s a phoenix rising from the altar! With its wings wide open, the phoenix swept the sky and all gems it touched burst. Shreds of gems fell like snowflakes. And the master clawed the sky even faster. You could hardly see his hands moving. Like a pianist whose fingers can dance by themselves, the master made the lightning dance, jumping like a snow leopard and all gems are its prey. “Epic war!” it’s the first time one of the apprentices finally made a sound.

You don’t remember how it ended, but the master won. Now you can control lightning, too. When you asked why his lightning seems much more powerful and can even drag the gems, the master always grinned and said, “Tesla power!” or “Left-hand rule!” You still don’t get it. And sometimes he muttered, “multitask gesture is a trouble for my multi-touch lightning, better close it.” You are even more confused. Anyway, genius is nuts. Maybe you’ll be like him one day. Who knows!

In case you like both match-3 game & Fruit Ninja:

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