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Attention Android and/or cross-platform devs!

03-13-2013, 02:44 PM
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Attention Android and/or cross-platform devs!

Thought I'd do a little PSA to help move things along in the recently created Android forums. There's been a few devs come over and post but by and large, the devs on these forums still concentrate in the iOS threads (rightfully so given the nature of TA).

One reason I was glad an Android forum was created was the incredible community here and the active devs.

I'd love to see devs announce their games in the Upcoming or main Android forum because it's often difficult to know when a game is ported or released on Android (much more difficult than iOS).

And the banter between gamers and devs answering questions is awesome in the iOS side. Also don't really like asking a dev a question in an iOS thread if you've got the Android version (even if they are basically the same).

So keep the Android subforum in mind!