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App description: Enter the multiplayer battlefield and defend your patch against other players with Fodderp An action-packed mix of Strategy stuffed with RPG elements, and exciting social combat.

Multiple buildings are yours to controlor your enemies to destroy. Select your buildings Cannons, Barracks, Wizard Towers and more, then take to the map, and TAKE the map!

Full multiplayer features bring even more action to the front line: team up with friends, join a clan and use your teamwork to earn epic and legendary items that help destroy your opponents. Compete in global events to win real-world prizes; raise your custom flag to your walls for all to see while storming the gates.

And when youre not taking the fight to others around the globe, embark on mini-quests with enemy waves and boss fights enabling your loyal villagers to rebuild your town, providing you with precious resources for tech upgrades. Your faithful townsfolk will even work round the clock while youre not in the game!

- Its defense, its action, its strategyits Fodderp!

- Compete online (Wifi or OTA) in heated head-to-head battles with your very own custom layouts!
- Form a Clan with your friends and invest resources to unlock Clan specific upgrades that give bonuses to you and all of your clan members.
- Epic mini-boss battles in PvP matches make for fun and exciting mini-CTF games to acquire better loot!
- Fight your way to the top of the leaderboards either by yourself, or with your friends in a clan!
- Wage war against other players and win loot from your battles that you can equip to improve your units as well as buildings.
- Single player quests which unlock new buildings in your Village.
- Manage your Villagers as they gather resources for you over real time.
- Use resources from your village on dozens of upgrades which will help you dominate in battle!
- Choose your combination of Cannons, Barracks, Trebuchets, Wizard Towers, and more!

** Will not run on iPad 1 or iPhone 3GS **

Fodderp's comments:
Hello Everyone,

We finally launched Fodderp a few days ago. I'd like to invite all of you into to come join the battlefield with us! If you love Tower Defense, and you love competing against other players, you will love Fodderp.

It doesn't end in the battlefield though. When you need a break from all the explosions of cannons and slashing of swords, you can hit the village to complete quests which unlock new buildings for the battlefield, gather resources to upgrade your tech. If the tech upgrades aren't enough for you, climb the leaderboards and compete with some of the toughest opponents and acquire some of the best loot in the game to make your units/buildings even stronger!

After all the chaos dies dow, we will be hosting competitive events that you can track, IN GAME, where you can win one of a kind legendary loot or even iOS devices!

We'll see you in the battle!

(Not compatible w/ iPhone 3GS or iPad1)