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App description: Drop style puzzle action at its finest!

Rhythm Nights is a spin on the classic piece drop matching puzzle game. The rules are simple. Drop a set of 3 records from the top of the screen into the columns on the game board. Line up at least 3 of the same color records vertically or horizontally to clear the records, create chains, and earn points.

The difference with Rhythm Nights is that chains do not clear immediately. Pieces in chains will flash and only disappear once the next set of pieces is dropped, letting you strategically drop the next pieces, continuing the chains and earning even more points!

But what really sets Rhythm Nights apart is the music factor. When a player begins a CHAIN, a dance mix will begin to play. Only the first 8 beats of the mix are played, and they will continue to loop until the next set of records is dropped. If the newly dropped records continue the CHAIN, the dance mix will advance to the next 8 beats and loop those beats. The ultimate goal is to achieve 30 CHAINS in a row to hear the entire dance mix!

-Drop Style puzzle game awesomeness

-Bass thumping dance music

-Color matching, chain making, rhythm inducing addictiveness

-Game Center Achievements and Leader Boards

DRUMZ's comments:
Hello All,

I've published my first game to the App Store. Classic "drop-a-piece from the top of the game board" puzzle game, but with a musical spin. As you match 3 colors and create chains, a dance music track begins. The track loops it's first measure until your next piece drops. If the chain continues, the track advances to the next measure and loops that measure. Rack up a 30 chain and you'll have unlocked the whole dance track. Time your drops to advance the music just when it's ready to loop to earn a Rhythm Bonus for even more points. You can hear as much of the music you've unlocked from the Jukebok in the options menu off the main menu. Strive for high scores, max chains, climb Game Center leader boards, earn achievements, and unlock all the music. There's one dance mix available to start, with more available to purchase in game now, and more to come in future updates. Special pieces and earn-able power-up pieces provide help along the way to amass high scores and huge chains. You can even post a screenshot of your game to Facebook or Twitter to get help if you just don't know where to place your next piece to keep your chain going. And one last tip, the music sounds immensely better when heard through headphones or external speakers.

Have a look, and let me know what you think.


03-17-2013, 10:34 PM
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Alrighty. To garner some interest, as the developer I'm giving out 5 promo codes. PM me if you'd like one. First come first served. Enjoy!
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Still 3 Promo Codes available. Get 'em while they're hot!
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Gotta be offline for a bit, so here's the remaining Promo Codes. Have fun!

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YRWR93YFPHKL taken. Thanks!!
03-19-2013, 02:52 PM
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Hey all,

Gameplay video added to OP for those who were asking