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iPad: Air Dodger

03-18-2013, 12:07 PM
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Air Dodger

Hello TA!
Last year we have developed space and mid-core game.
We’ve shot a short video about it

Plot: you are space explorer on a space station and you have a few spaceships to fly in the outer space. Each flight you are visiting another player’s station. Your goal is to steal their resources or constellation elements (collections).

Mechanics: you control a spaceship with no weapons onboard but you can use enemies’ weapons against them (“Use your enemy’s power against him” - principle of judo). Meanwhile your assistant is trying to hack enemy’s shield and steal their resources and collections. You can have artifacts onboard (active or passive) giving you special abilities, upgrade your ship and improve your assistant skills. You are also defending your own station from other players by upgrading your station’s shield and install different weapons on it.