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App description: Improve your memory, problem solving skills and hand eye coordination with this very unique puzzle game that's uses coloured snooker balls as a scoring system.

Each game revolves around finding the hidden red balls on a randomized playing area plus a high value colour to build the highest score possible before the timer reaches zero.

When all reds have been found, select the yellow, green, brown, blue, pink and black in sequence to complete the frame.

Their's double and triple bonuses, hazards to avoid and bonus points to be won as you make your way to the top of the Game Centre high score tables. Watch out for the minus sign though!!! it reverses your score until you find the plus.

When you've mastered the clock, try INFINITY MODE which adds an extra strategy level to the game and replaces the timer with chalk power. You only have a limited amount of chalk and top ups to make all your shots, so plan carefully if you want to make it through the frame.

You can even invite friends to play or challenge players from all over the world to a best of 3 head-to-head match to find the ultimate snooker star.

Their's so much variety and so many ways to play. The randomized playing area means that every game is different and will keep you coming back for more.

BlueSpiral's comments:
Supports 9 different languages, 2 single player game modes and the all new 2 player challenge.