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App description: Remember how Tet-puzzle kept you glued to the screen? Now theres TetDraw, even more addictive game! It takes the classic game idea and changes it around Train your brain and relax!

The goal in TetDraw is to complete the rows or columns. No more falling blocks now you draw them with your fingers. Combine blocks into rows and columns. Just like the classic game, you score points for every line you complete as it scrolls off the screen.

This latest Tet-game lets you draw one of 3 pieces at every single step. When a piece is drawn, the set of pieces changes. So its up to you to draw the appropriate piece where and when it is needed.


A NEW TET-APPROACH. The blocks arent falling anymore. Now youre drawing Tetrimino pieces block by block you can even complete columns as well as rows to score!
100+ LEVELS. Every single level gives you a new challenge and new enjoyment!
STRESS-FREE ZONE. TetDraw trains your brain with no effort required. Express your inner artist, grow your Perfection tree!
ZEN ATMOSPHERE. Relaxing music, chalks, pastel colors... TetDraw takes away the tension its people-proof

The game does not rush you giving you easy-to-solve, fun, and non-stressful tasks at first. The relaxing and well-balanced gameplay of TetDraw lets you switch off from the pressures of everyday life and never makes you tired many volunteers have tested and approved it!

Your reviews and ratings will help us to release challenging new updates, as well as the new puzzles, endless game modes, and much more!

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WATCH http://youtu.be/uwEO2dAJtZ0

dasgame's comments:

Cost: $0.99
Download: Download
Genre: puzzle
Language: English, Russian

TetDraw - is an exciting puzzle. The purpose of the game is to destroy the line by drawing shapes. Bright graphics will attract your attention for a long time.

  • Draw one of three pieces on the field but don't rotate them.
  • Purposes of the game are different, but you always need to delete the lines!
  • Cute graphic style as the blackboard.
  • Different levels have different objectives.
  • Special skills to help in difficult situations.

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