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Is there an iTunes pre-launch app product page?

03-20-2013, 02:15 AM
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Is there an iTunes pre-launch app product page?

My very first App for the iPhone is complete. Now I'm in the pre-launch phase and pitching to bloggers and other reviewers to try out my app.

I read that when you submit a pitch, one of the items you should include is a link to your app's iTunes product page. Like the picture below:

However, my app has not been launched yet. Does it still get a product page? Or is that only till after launch?

If I don't get a product page yet then I suppose I should create a website and video to showcase the app.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
03-20-2013, 07:50 AM
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You can only access the product page after launch. In the mean time, it is generally recommended that you send a pitch along with a media kit. Having a website certainly doesn't hurt and you can include it in your pitch/media kit. Take a look here for what should be in your media kit.

Also keep in mind that while your product page doesn't work until launch, you can start sending promo codes as soon as your app has been approved.

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