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iPad: Our game: "Escape 2 - Dungeon" free for a limited time.

03-20-2013, 11:28 PM
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Our game: "Escape 2 - Dungeon" free for a limited time.

◆For memory of selling the latest 2.0 version, free for a limited time. If you like this game, please write some good reviews,thank you very much!!

◆On promotion! May obtain 200 game gold coins.

◆The completely new 2.0 version comes on stage. Look forward to your download. 2.0 version has been adjusted in many aspects.

In the first part of the game(Escape 1), you fled from the back room. But on the way of escape, you were found by the kidnappers and locked in their dungeon. In order to survive, you must strive to continue to escape. On the way to the dungeon, the kidnappers received a phone call. The voice on the phone sounded very familiar, which attracted your attention...

The game contains many interesting puzzles.
Realistic scenarios created by 3D modeling.
The game containing multiple parts is rich in content.
Simple but elegant operation mode, supporting various gestures.
HD footage presents the amazing pictures to you.
The game provides the complete prompt function.
Supporting multiple languages.
Vivid interlude animation.

◆Voice of the developers:
Since learning programming, we have had a dream, hoping to create a software product to make players feel convenient, happy, or helpful. Although our ability still needs to be improved, we have always worked hard to realize our dream. We have always believed that miracles can be created through the game. As long as the game is good enough, it will be recognized by players. Sincerely hope players can like this new software developed by us.

◆We welcome all kinds of cooperation.
Our contact way is as follows:
Email: developer0802@gmail.com