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Lunar Jumper : Early preview feedback. Need multiplayer testers!

03-21-2013, 10:40 AM
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Lunar Jumper : Early preview feedback. Need multiplayer testers!

Beta Testers Needed:
Looking for a few brave folks to give Lunar Jumper a try. I'm also hoping to get some feedback on gameplay and design. Any (constructive) insight would be great.

Web Demos:
750 x 700 :http://www.burletech.com/gamedemos/L...mper_Site.html
380 x 380 :http://www.burletech.com/gamedemos/L...mper_Site.html

My name is Josh and I fancy myself an indie game developer. I try to do most things myself, the art, sound effects, music, programming, and design etc. I'm far from an expert on all aspects of game development but I know enough to create smaller indie games. I have no formal training and have been self taught mostly from the amazing Unity Community forums. This is not my first game but it is my first multi-player game.

Game Info:
I started this project in January 2013; the idea was to take two existing game ideas and merge them. Doodle Jump and class based shooters. I ended up just going with having unique weapons and scraping the "class" system, as it was beginning to become too complicated for a mobile game.

I'm hoping to release in the next few months if I can get the funds together. It will be released on iOS and web platforms. I'm also hoping if there is enough interest to release on Android as well.

3GS+, iPad1+. Trying for iOS 4.0+.

I'm looking for bugs or design flaws you come across. There are many things that could potentially be done better but I'm trying to prioritize what's crucial to get done.

I appreciate your time and feedback. Hope you enjoy testing it out.

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