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Best method/s to test app?

03-22-2013, 09:05 PM
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Best method/s to test app?

Hi gurus,

1) whats the best method/s to test an app before it goes live? I'm not a developer, I'm outsourcing all the coding, but I did all the graphics and UI. I have a developer account and xcode installed on my Mac, so I'm planning to test the app on my iphone using xcode.

2) I'm also considering using Beta family to have several other people test my app before submission to apple, though this may take sometime, time which i may not have. Has anyone used Beta Family? Is this a good idea? Can my app be somehow stolen if I upload it on beta family for testing (By the site owners/employees or hackers?) or is this impossible because the files I upload to the site, is not all the files necessary for app submission to apple?

3) Is there anything else I can do or should do (as a non developer) to test the app before it goes live. I know there are debugging programs out there , but I don't know if i can utilise any of them since I cant understand code.

Thanks for your input