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2D / 3D Artists needed.

03-24-2013, 05:04 PM
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2D / 3D Artists needed.

I'm working with a small team on a tower defence game for Android and iOS.

We are looking for two talented individuals to fill the following roles;

2D Concept Artist (Organic Content)
The 2D artist will be responsible for designing the monsters in the game. We are looking for an original take on this, as long as they are absolutely disguisting!

3D model Artist / Animator (Organic Content)
The 3D artist will be responsible for turning the 2D artists designs into 3D models, skinning them and finally animating them. Each monster will require an animation for attacking, dying and moving. Finally they will need to be exported as spritesheets to be implemented into the game.

2D Artist (Tower Design)

2D Artist (Map Design)

This is a profit share project and all revenue generated will be split equally between the team members. For this reason work flow is relatively relaxed but we do need somebody who is self motivated, dedicated and can work towards targets.

These roles are for immediate start as the game is already well into development.

You can view the work in progress materials here: 2112td.refineryproductions.com

and here: 2112TD | Facebook

If your interested in joining the team then please get in touch: james@refineryproductions.com


James Mazur | Refinery Audio Production Services | www.refineryproductions.com |

****Save Humanity from the demonic onslaught https://www.facebook.com/2112TD