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Read Allies vs. Axis game design and game rules explanation at: http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Allies_vs._Axis

Allies vs. Axis now currently version 2.0 with many improvements from v1.0.

Upgrade from max 2-player to max 4-player.
3 New Game Modes: Campaign, Challenge and Free Mode.
Tutorial and Help book
Game play now is clearer and easier to follow.
Upgrade some game rules.
and many more.


Allies vs. Axis is a board game inspired by Monopoly game board.

Although this game is inspired by Monopoly, it comes with completely new, different game rules and playing styles, that makes it a completely new board game.

All game design, game rules explanation are available in game and at: http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Allies_vs._Axis

- Any suggestions are welcome.

Please open your mind for a new game, this game is designed as a new way to play a Monopoly as a Strategy war game. If you read a little in description or look at screenshots, you should not be confused with Axis and Allies (different name) board game.

This AvA game has some features over the original Monopoly.

- First, 'the dice is your true enemy' might be true in Monopoly but might not be true in AvA, player can have 'strategy moves' to adjust dice outcome.

- Second 'let buy land after jail, people will land on them more often', in AvA, every land can become jail, every place has its own advantages.

- Third, player can keep strategy cards and use whenever he/she wants. It's better than you collect a card and return it right away. No fun at all.

And many more. You can enjoy a new game in its new way if you can open your mind to accept it as how it is.
03-29-2013, 03:57 PM
i have this game and it's great! really worth a try for 99 cents. fun, different, engrossing, i'm enjoying it very much. in game help is sparse but see "Details" at iTunes as developer has posted (for now) expanded rules on line. fun little game, check it out.