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Creating video trailers for your games

03-28-2013, 11:28 AM
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Creating video trailers for your games

I've made quite a few video trailers for myself and some customers alike

So I was thinking of doing this as a part time job,to help out developers add an extra tool to their marketing portfolio

Here's a few trailers I created:




I've also have a video trailer I created for a client, but didn't get permission to use it as he wants to keep it private

The only downside to my service is that I somehow need to get the game on my desktop, as I can only record videos on my computer.
So if your game is also available on browser, or there's any way I could play it on my desktop, I will be able to offer you my services

I charge $200 for a simple 30 seconds video
If you want it to be longer, to include real life footage such as a person playing your game on mobile or voice acting over the trailer, we can work out a custom deal

My trailer for Bounzy, received over 1700 views in the Google Play Store in 10 days, so that means players really decide if they should download a game based on the trailer

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