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TA Forums Game of the Week! (Mar 27th)

View Poll Results: What is your Game of the Week for the week of March 27th?
Nimble Quest 36 28.80%
Ms Splosion Man 21 16.80%
Star Warfare: Black Dawn 20 16.00%
Battle Dungeons: Risen 10 8.00%
Final Fantasy V 10 8.00%
Tiny Troopers 2: Special Ops 1 0.80%
Fester Mudd 9 7.20%
Magicka 9 7.20%
Rico 4 3.20%
Annihilate 5 4.00%
Voters: 125. You may not vote on this poll
03-29-2013, 07:01 PM
TA Forums Game of the Week! (Mar 27th)

Last week's thread:

The first part is nomination where every member can vote up to 5 games to be included in the poll. 10 games with the most nominations will then be added to the poll on Sunday. Poll will remain open until next Wednesday and whichever game has the max votes, will be the GOTW.

Please note:

1) Devs cannot vote for their own games. If your game is in the poll, you can't vote. You are free to ask TA forum posters in your game release thread to vote for your game... but please don't post multiple messages about it.
2) This voting is for TA members - no outsiders allowed. If you have to ask someone to create a new account to vote, you're doing it wrong.

Notice of this poll will be given in the threads of all nominated games.

Additional games that spring up in the next few days will be added to the OP, so no worries. Please wait until Thursday to begin giving nominations - this is so that we can get the majority of games listed before making decisions. Feel free to help out and list games I haven't added yet. I'll post the pending NZ releases to alert the community to them.

You can see new games by looking at AppShopper.com and checking the "New" tab.

Major games out this week:

Thread Video

Battle Dungeons: Risen
Thread Video

Dungeon Hearts
Thread Video

Fester Mudd: Curse of the Gold - Episode 1
Thread Video

Final Fantasy V
Thread Video

Ms Splosion Man
Thread Video

Thread Video

Nimble Quest
Thread Video

Thread Video

Runaways: A Twist of Fate - Episode 1
Thread Video

Secret Castle
Thread Video

The Spookening
Thread Video

Star Warfare: Black Dawn
Thread Video

Tiny Troopers 2: Special Ops
Thread Video

Thread Video

Thread Video

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03-29-2013, 07:05 PM
Sorry guys, been out of it this week.
Here's the thread, and I'll update it whenever I can.

I think that from now on I'll just post a placeholder thread like this every week so people can get nominations in and I'll just update it throughout the week when I can. More and more recently I don't have the time to start the thread with a complete first post.

Need proofreading, editing or writing done for your game?
Contact me via PM or email and we can talk.

03-29-2013, 07:09 PM
Maybe undeadcow can help post the links.
03-29-2013, 07:15 PM
Battle Dungeon: Risen will be my go to game this week.

Here's the link:

Dungeon Plunder: an iOS Roguelike - Play for free now! Follow the updates on Twitter and on Facebook.
TA Forum Thread? Right here. Soundtrack is on iTunes
03-29-2013, 07:16 PM
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This truly is the rise of the golden age of the games with "dungeon" in the name.

゙(゚、 。 7 ノ
 l、゙ ~ヽ
 じしf_, )ノ
03-29-2013, 08:08 PM
Really easy week compared to the last two... Ms Splosion Man
03-29-2013, 08:14 PM
Originally Posted by TheFrost View Post
Really easy week compared to the last two... Ms Splosion Man
That seems like a given, so what else is hot this week? Too busy playing mostly icade core games. Though I bought annihilate yesterday. A dual stick shooter by the alien space guy.
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03-29-2013, 08:18 PM
Ms Splosion Man by FAR.
03-29-2013, 08:40 PM
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Battle Dungeon: Risen
Star Warfare: Black Dawn
Nimble Quest (even though I prefer the non-IAP game that inspired it, I still like the fantasy/RPG theme)
Tiny Troopers 2

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03-29-2013, 08:45 PM
is voting for Little Inferno HD allowed ?

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