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iPad: Bloody Mary Ghost Adventure Chapter 3 guide

03-31-2013, 05:51 AM
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Bloody Mary Ghost Adventure Chapter 3 walkthrough

Touch the elevator,touch b2,at b2 there 3 room,one infront and two to the right.one room have the radio and chemical and the another room have the glove.how to find the glove:just play the game at night from 0pm-3pm or from 9am-12am and it should appear in the morgue room in b2,then go to b3,go into the room with the toilet,touch the toilet then touch the thing in the toilet to pick it up,it should be the screwdriver,then back where you find the doll,touch the doll a lot of time to get the batteries.If you can't find the glove,download bloddy mary ghost adventure v1.4 hot fix at:http://uploaded.net/file/d3ugw4md then try my method again and it should work.Then after get the batteries you should go to the room that have the radio,put the batteries in the radio then switch the radio follow the instructions below:
at AM mode switch to 50AM then switch to FM mode,at FM mode switch to 75FM then switch again to AM mode then switch again to FM mode and switch slowly to 100,switch slowly and you will hear a voice coming from the radio.at that moment you set jane free.now go to b3 get in the bathroom,you will see a ghost and next to it is a chalkboard and a paper(a clue for the chalkboard).

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