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BoomerangDoc - Pulling Back Files You Shared

04-01-2013, 04:57 PM
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BoomerangDoc - Pulling Back Files You Shared

Hi everyone!

I'm part of an app developing team and we've recently released our app to the public: BoomerangDoc. It allows you to share files with others, but prevents them from being able to do anything with that file other than viewing it (including: print, share, download, etc.)

The app is completely free right now and we're primarily focused on getting enough users on board to use the app

We would really love for any feedback and critiquing to see what direction we can direct development in!

Quick FAQ/Fast Facts:
  • For analytic purposes, it would be great if you (as an initial viewer) could sign up via this link in order to gauge where our users are coming from and where we can focus any support.
  • From then on you can invite other users (not with a signup link, but rather their e-mail when you're logged into your dashboard) which will in turn increase your file count.
  • App Store Link

Any further questions can be directed to this thread or PM'd to me and I will respond ASAP!

Thank you for taking your time to read this and if enough attention comes around I can provide screenshots