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“So, there is this bee…” Casual platform game Go! Bee! Go! [We need some…testers]

04-01-2013, 06:19 PM
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“So, there is this bee…” Casual platform game Go! Bee! Go! [We need some…testers]

About the game

Go! Bee! Go! is a game what you might get, if you shove 10 000 000, Adventure Time and time-based platform game in a blender. In this game, you will find yourself having constant staring contest with a silly bee that has no clue what it suppose to do. Only you can help it travel successfully through the levels back to home.

Or at least the prototype we have been working on functions along those lines. But we have a bit of a problem of how to move from here on. We have come up with few different ways how to play the game, but rather making bold assumptions which one is better just because “we liked it”, it would be nice to hear some feedback before that!

So, we need your help. We have designed few levels to play and now looking couple of dudes and dudettes to test them out and trying to find out which version isn't really working and which one has more potential to developed for better. The game is still bit raw as lump of clay, but we think it's better to let the players say their opinion about the game earlier than later.

If you recognize yourself as someone, who
1) likes platform games
2) likes puzzle-arcade games
3) likes the general concept of the game and/or
4) likes the character,
you are most likely the person we are looking for to test the game. To test our game, you need to check-in to our Testflight-team from this link with your iPhone or iPod Touch, and you are good to go (for technical requirements, you need iOS 4 or newer). You'll get first version during this week and we hope you can drop your two cents about how you feel about the game. The test is also about general impression of the game, so you are more than welcome to give any comments, critique or feedback about the art and concept!

Now lets make this game happen!

Team Cutiepie Workshop