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App description: Are you getting tired of playing the same old car racing games?

Tooto Town is the latest car game with a new approach. No traffic, no rules, no racing and no cars to overtake but be careful, there are death traps that follow all way long.

With Tooto Town its time to put your driving skills to the ultimate test. Work your way to unleash the the wackiest car game ever. Ride your car on the trickiest tracks, collect as many coins, power-ups, and reach the destination. But here comes the actual twist, the tracks are static and non-static, too many hurdles to avoid and in order to pass through the destination, the key to exit has to be collected.

Here you have to make use of the controls, drive your car on the challenging lane and emerge as a clear winner. Be aware and avoid damage from collisions. Rush past the hindrances at the apt moment.

Be warned though, Tooto Town is highly addictive and try to keep it on the road.

The Cool Features:

->20 Levels to unleash
->Avoid pitfalls and hurdles
->Collect coins and power-ups
->Use controls to navigate the car Right, Left & Jump
->Paths are static and non-static

Grab your gear and prove your driving skills!!!!

will.otto99's comments:
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Got ET3XTNXX7APM thanks.

First of all, let me say that this is absolutely NOT a board game in any way. It's a very simple platformer with Left/Right buttons and press anywhere to jump.

There's 20 levels on the level select screen, and so far they're pretty short. You basically run and jump around collecting coins, retrieving the key and going to the exit before the timer runs out.

Unfortunately, it's not without issues. The most important being that the controls are extremely wonky. Sometimes you stop moving left/right for no reason even though you're pressing the button. Sometimes the jump button fails to work. Sometimes you get a random burst of speed. Sometimes your forward momentum stops mid-jump and you slowly slide straight down. Pressing the jump by itself sometimes results in constant forward movement. Once pressing jump even activated the menu button.

The leaderboards button doesn't do anything, but Game Center is indeed active and logs a highscore based on your total coin collection. This seems to be broken though, as I have certainly not collected 1550 coins.

I'm sorry, but I can't recommend this game to anyone without the controls being fixed.

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