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Dwarven Hammer - Mingle Games - published by Djinnworks

04-06-2013, 09:31 PM
Dwarven Hammer - Mingle Games - published by Djinnworks

Djinnworks and Mingle Games are very proud to announce the upcoming game - Dwarven Hammer, available 11th, April 2013 for iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android.

From the app store description:

Evil Dark Lord with his hordes attacked dwarven keep to lay his filthy hands on epic dwarven treasures hidden inside. But our fearless hero, brave dwarf Filik stood to defend the entrance of the keep with his mighty hammers! Help our hero to defeat all the hordes and send them back to oblivion!

Dwarven Hammer is epic throwing game with hordes of mighty fantasy enemies, beautiful graphics and animations, fantastic hammers and incredible powerups!

★ Simple Control
Flick in direction you want to release the hammer. Navigate the hammer with additional flicks to hit enemies, putting impulses to the hammer to control the flight! Easy like that!

★ Beautiful cartoon graphics
Enjoy awesome fantasy graphics with lots of skeletal animations and effects!

★ Long bearded dwarf with funny quotes
After each action, the dwarf will respond with funny quotes!

★ Hordes of enemies
Lots of fantasy enemies to defeat! Enjoy the funny way of enemies meeting the hammer!

★ Quest system
Randomly generated quests will give you additional way to earn progress and have more fun solving them!

★ Power ups and improvements!
Enjoy mighty power ups like Magnet, Strength, Endurance and more!

★ Achievements and Leaderboards on Game Center
Show your friends and the world who is the best hammer thrower!

★ Regular Updates
Enjoy new worlds and game modes in future updates!

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We would love to hear your feedback and impression, thank you!
04-07-2013, 07:51 AM
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The game looks very nice. Will it be free to play?
What will be the price ?