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Most improved?

04-09-2013, 06:55 PM
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Most improved?

I don't know if you all receive a lot of suggestions for articles/features people want you to write, but I do have a suggestion for an article.

I buy games, keep them on my phone for a while, evaluate them, but they can't all stay on my device. Some were good for a while, but I perhaps found them lacking in replayability or they lacked balance or were just in need of polish... So I removed them.

I would love to see an article that covers games that have come the farthest from their initial releases, the developers who took user feedback and made steps to deliver the best experience possible. Some had content added later, some fixed imbalances or broken IAP, or received graphics updates. An article like this would remind gamers of games that they played, that had promise and later delivered. Maybe we told our friends not to buy and wait for developers to address our criticisms, or maybe we'd like to check out how far some games have come since we've forgotten them.

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04-10-2013, 12:36 AM
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I actually think this is a really good idea. There are a LOT of apps that I've deleted because they were just missing that one feature that would've made it awesome.

I 2nd this idea.

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04-10-2013, 03:12 AM
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Yeah i've been lucky and seen the odd old thread bumped here because an older game came out with new features or controls.

Probably missing a fair few though if theres no updated thread for them so i've deleted them in the past and havent given them a second thought.