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App description: Now Chess beginners can have FUN and LEARN Chess!

Ranked top game in Turkey and in 3 countries in top 10 board game !

This game is free for few days !

Fun with Chess got reviewed by TUAW

Key Features:
- Helps learn chess
- Only six pieces and six rules
- Roll the dice and play the game based on luck
- Earn points and score higher to be the leader
- Make the pieces re-born as per your wish

Have Fun and improve on strategic, visualization, and decision-making skills.
Enjoy this fun game on a relaxed evening, over a weekend or when on vacation.
For the first time anyone can play Fun Chess with kids, parents and friends.

You can play with the computer or in a face-to-face mode.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/funwithchess

Note: This game works in Landscape mode only.
This game is for iPad 2 and above.

OmprakashSonie's comments:
For the First Time, a Chess Game, which Friends and Family can Play Together and Have Fun!
BOND with Friends and Family by spending Quality Fun Time together.

inventVALLEY, a specialized firm with a mission to enrich life of people with meaningful mobile applications and games, has recently announced the launch of its latest game Fun With Chess. This super addictive and engaging game allows everyone to enjoy the complex game of chess in a more interactive and fun way. Fun with Chess is available for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Android and even on Facebook for free!

Chess is a little complex game because of which, many hesitate to play it. However, with Fun with Chess, we have made it engaging and fun to allow people play it, bond with friends and family and at the same time, improve on strategic, visualization and decision-making skills. One can play this game with computer, in a face-to-face mode or even remotely. People will find this game quite enjoyable on a relaxed evening, over a weekend, while commuting or during long journeys, says Omprakash Sonie, Founder & CEO, inventVALLEY.

What makes Fun with Chess really appealing to the masses is the fact that there are only six pieces and six simple rules in the game. The game is played on luck by rolling the dice. There is an opportunity to make the pieces re-born as per the wish. To maintain the spirit of the game, there are points given to the players and the high scorer becomes the leader.

The game can be played on iPad Touch with computer or face-to-face.