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Metal Slug

04-16-2013, 01:23 AM
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Metal Slug

Price: $3.99 [App Store]
Played On: iPhone 4
Discussion Thread

Metal slug, to most this brings back fond memories of pumping quarter after quarter into their local arcade, whilst chugging as much soda as possible. In short, great, moderately diabetic times. For myself those days have come to pass many years ago, seeing as how I hadn't played anything from the series in at least half a decade. I must say that while many of our favorite gaming memories from youth are remembered through rose colored glasses, by and large metal slug holds up fairly well.

One thing that really stood out to me were the visuals. Not because there is no pixelation, or they look almost photo-realistic. No, they are great because of the opposite. Anyone who has spent time with marco and the crew knows what I am talking about. The animations are smooth albeit pixelated, and show how good simple art can be when done right. Add this to the over the top bad guys and ultra violent deaths (flame shot anyone?), and you have visuals that are literally oozing character.

The sound does a superb job of complementing the visuals and fast paced gameplay. You don't realize how good a job it does of pulling everything together unless you are paying attention to the songs as they sinc up with a change in pace and action. The weapons sound powerful and the deaths sounds are just as ridiculous as their animation counterparts.

With all that praise being heaped upon the game, Its time to switch gears and take a look at one aspect of the game that doesn't hold up so well, the gameplay. Without spewing out a multitude of words inspecting every nuance that could have been better tweaked, I will sum it up fairly quickly. Metal slug was built with an intention to be played in a arcade, and for the player to see how far they could get on their quarter. With that being the crux of the game, the level design is fairly linear. It's not bad, just move forward and slaughter everything in your path.

To bring this review to a close, I must say that I had a blast with metal slug. If you are someone like me who loved it back in the arcades, do yourself a favor and get this game now. On the other hand if you are someone who doesn't like gratuitous violence in your games or is put off by games that cost four dollars and don't have sixty plus hours of gameplay, you can probably pass on this one. In my opinion though, this is a keeper and a solid port of an all time classic.