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App description: STICKBALL is a ball game which demands concentration, estimation, fast reaction and also logical thinking. It's all about doing the right thing at the right time ...

For iPhone 4 and newer, iPod Touch 4G and newer and all iPads.

Your job:
Just guide the Ball into the yellow target container.

How to move the Ball:
Every block with a trough contains a beveled stick. If the ball is lying on such a block, its stick begins to rotate. The rotation is indicated by a small arrow at the side of the ball. This arrow shows the direction the ball will be pushed into when you activate the trigger-button. Except for the easier levels you'll need several steps to reach the goal so you'll have to navigate the ball from one trough to another to reach the target.


- easy to play: you only have to push a button
- four difficulty levels, respectively stick rotation speeds
- slow game, almost meditative... (...till the ball is going out)
- 150 small levels in 10 stages with specific main focus
- possibility to skip levels, up to three times
- optional ways to trigger the stick: by push down or by release the button

Overview about the 10 stages with specific themes and elements:

1 - Basic: Try to guide the ball into the target, learn the basics of ball movement.
2 - Obstacles: Take care of the obstacles on your way, they can deflect the ball.
3 - Bevel Bounce: Use the beveled blocks to guide your ball to force indirect ways.
4 - Bouncing: Bouncing obstacles you can or must use to cope your way.
5 - Crumbly: Beware of the crumbly blocks, they disappear after contact with the ball.
6 - Directions: Directionfields change the balls way according the arrow.
7 - Gates: Roll over the switches to open the gates, watch the numbers.
8 - Bridges: Color every sensorfield green to get the bridges down for using it.
9 - Tricky: Tricky and complex ways you need to solve the level.
10 - Crazy: Be calm, this could drive you crazy.