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App description: - Mission Order : ...Annihilate.Destroy..Kill..ExterminateObliterate...Extinguish.EradicateAbolishDecimate every single human being.

Play our new free sci-fi game !

Play this topdown galactic arcade game, use your finger on the screen to control your spaceship, autofire is on so you just have avoid danger to stay alive as long as you can.

Avoid collision with meteor or satellite and at the same time destroy enemie spaceship.

Collect human dead trophy to unlock new alien spaceship for you to control, you start with the spider spaceship but unlock others like the Red bat, the Squid and the Rattle!

Go as far as you can in the galaxy and keep your score recorded in Gamecenter to know if youre the best in the world. You can challenge your friends to know whos best.

You loved playing as the Bad guy, now try to be the hero and become a galactic hero in the 1st game of the series : Galactic Spaceship.
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