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App description: Gadzookery is a brand NEW exciting acronym based, point scoring, single & multi-player word game that will challenge, educate, delight, and reward casual gamers and seasoned wordsmiths alike.

Gadzookery gives you hours of head-scratching, brain-bending fun as you weave together creative sentences and phrases based off of target words. Whether you play alone or with friends, Gadzookery is an addictive way to boost your vocabulary on the go.

Heres an example. If your target word was GAMES you would need to create a 5 word sentence somehow connected to the word games that also becomes an acronym of games. You could write Gadzookery App Making Entertaining Sentences and earn 50 points.

What comes in this version:
5-letter word mode
6-letter word mode
7-letter word mode
Single Player
Play Random Opponents
Play With Friends
Ad-free gameplay
In-app upgrades
Play online, or offline (single player only)

Addictive Features:
Race against the clock to form sentences based off of target words.
Challenge your friends sentences to steal their points.
Go head-to-head with up to 4 friends in a custom private game.
Instantly start a game with random opponents from around the world.
Play well enough to get your high scores posted in the Gadzookery Hall of Fame.
Share your best and wittiest sentences with friends on Facebook and Twitter.
Expand your vocabulary while you playGadzookery is powered by Dictionary.com.
Unlock in-app upgrades including longer target word lengths and themed word packs to take your game further.

Try it today and learn why Gadzookery is unlike any word game youve ever played!

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SLIC's comments:
I'd like to announce my first game which is currently available in the New Zealand App Store. It went live in the last 24hrs. I hope the word game players among you will love it as much as I do.

Gadzookery - An Original Acronym Word Game

Gadzookery is a test of vocabulary, spelling, creativity, and speed. The object of the game is to create a unique sentence or phrase based off of a target word. The twist? The target word must be an acronym of your sentence or phrase and its meaning must relate to the target word. Creativity is encouraged, so it’s OK if your sentence is a bit of a stretch, or even just tenuously relates to the target word.

Let's look at few examples:
If the target word is GAMES, you might try "Gadzookery App Making Entertaining Sentences." The target word becomes an acronym, since the first letters of each word spell out the target word. And the sentence’s meaning relates to the target word, since Gadzookery is a game (and an extremely fun one, at that!).
For the target word YOGURT, you'd be clever to play a sentence like "Yummy Organisms, Gloppy Underrated Refrigerated Treat." The target word becomes a perfect acronym of your sentence, which nicely describes some of yogurt's more…gloppy qualities.
If you're working with NYMPH, you could write "Naughty Young Men Prefer Her." Again, the target word becomes an acronym, and your sentence’s meaning humorously ties back to it.

You can play single player or multi-player. The multi-player version has a challenge system for misspelled or fake words. If you spot any go ahead and challenge that sentence/phrase. If you're correct you'll take all the points in that sentence/phrase from the player challenged. If you're wrong you'll lose your points to the player challenged.

04-27-2013, 01:42 AM
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Any plans for this to be sold outside of NZ?
04-27-2013, 06:22 AM
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Originally Posted by badmanj View Post
Any plans for this to be sold outside of NZ?
Yes absolutely, thanks for asking. For now, what with this being my first game, I just wanted to take a look at performance etc in a live market. A couple of weeks and it'll go worldwide.

It got it's first consumer review yesterday. 5* "A highly entertaining and fun game that makes you think".
05-03-2013, 11:33 AM
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Its just been released worldwide. If any of you want to get it I'd love the support.

Thank you