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Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery (by Lucid Games) (Unreal Engine 3)

04-26-2013, 11:25 PM
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Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery (by Lucid Games) (Unreal Engine 3)

Developed by Lucid Games - a studio based in Liverpool, UK - Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery is an exciting upcoming episodic 3D puzzle adventure game for iOS, PS Vita and PC.


Something strange is going on at Camp Eagle Feather. Campfire stories tell of strange creatures in the woods, and why are the camp counsellors fattening up all of the kids? Only Jacob Jones and his mythical companion can solve the mystery.

Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery is a beautifully realised episodic 3D puzzle adventure game designed specifically for mobile and touchscreen devices.

  • Developed on the award winning Unreal Engine 3 for mobile, Playstation VITA and PC.
  • Collaboration with BAFTA nominated writers and award winning musicians.
  • A unique and beautifully realised world, built and designed from the ground up by the Lucid team.
  • A unique visual style, a charming world and appealing story aimed at all ages but with a wicked adult undertone.
  • A host of interactive Logic, Mathematical, Observation and Lateral Thinking puzzles.
Official screenshots:

Official trailer:

Official ETA: May 2013.

Official website: http://www.lucidgames.co.uk/product/...gfoot-mystery/.

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04-26-2013, 11:51 PM
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Looks interesting, do we get to control the movement of the character with a joystick or point to move?

04-27-2013, 07:39 AM
Awsome !
04-27-2013, 10:54 PM
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what neat graphics!!!
04-27-2013, 11:51 PM
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I'll be buying this one for sure

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04-28-2013, 12:33 AM
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Another mystery adventure game like blue toad..The game is afoot ...
05-14-2013, 07:07 AM
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05-14-2013, 09:07 AM
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Im buying this, looks amazing. I better keep finishing games then