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How to handle IAP for reviewers

05-02-2013, 07:28 AM
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How to handle IAP for reviewers

Hi fellow devs,

How do you handle in app purchases for reviewers? If your app is paid then it's easy, you hand out a promo code.

But now that many apps move to free & unlock, what is the best way to let reviewers test the app for free? For my upcoming app "Pocket Nature" the app itself is free with two scene pack unlocks for $0.99. Since there are no promo codes for IAP currently the only way I see is to offer Testflight builds. But I'm not sure if reviewers would go for that, since it's an extra step and they are normally busy enough anyway. Also of course it'll fill up your iTunes Connect device limit.

One way would be running your own server for IAP verification, but at the moment I've not implemented yet, since I didn't want to add that extra complexity to my app.