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FaceMash : Celebrity Edition [Flaming Mitten]

05-03-2013, 04:23 PM
FaceMash : Celebrity Edition [Flaming Mitten]

Just a quick heads up to say that our new quiz game FaceMash:CE should be hitting the app store tomorrow (4th May)

---From the app store description---

How well do you know your celebrities? Think you recognize that face? Think again!

Celebrity Facemash takes 240 familiar faces from Film, TV, Music & Sports and recklessly mashes them together to create 120 remarkable 'celebrity face mashes'!

Is that George Clooney & Colin Firth? Kylie & Lady Gaga? Lewis Hamilton & Tiger Woods?? It's up to you to identify the 'faces in the mash' over 5 levels of fun and addictive face-unmashing, with each face more fiendishly difficult to unmash than the last!

Celebrity FaceMash is a unique puzzle game that tests just how well you can root out a celebrity face from our vault of new and exciting mashed-up A-listers, and
will keep you and your friends guessing for hours!


Here is a FaceMash to get you started :

05-04-2013, 05:45 AM