Another Soundtrack Creator!

05-03-2013, 08:23 PM
Another Soundtrack Creator!

I've been making some tunes for a while, and people have suggested that the songs be integrated into videogame soundtracks. So, I'm offering my services for those who wish for some inexpensive songs.

I've had a bit of experience with this stuff, but have only done it once. The last person seemed pretty excited about my stuff, but he completely disappeared off the radar about two months ago, so I thought I'd try this again. I've also made background music for a series of videos for a church, and the clients were well pleased.

If you'd like to hear some things I've already produced click on the link here:

Basically, you can choose a song and I'll try my best to replicate the style of the song (which usually goes pretty well). The pricing will be about $8 per song. You can email me at for more info.

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