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App description: Legend has it that the warrior Atlanta sacrificed himself to save the magic continent from the Ancient Gods and the land was named after him. A long civil war followed among the scattered tribes but only four lords stood out becoming the new rulers of the world. However, the peace time was short and the conspiracy of the Ancient Gods never stopped. The four Kings were disappeared in the battle with Shadow Dragons, the Ancient Gods minions. The whole world fell into chaos. Atlanta needs brave warriors and your time is coming!

Legend of the Four Kingdoms is a social strategy war game with magical characters. Here, you can develop your own country, muster the best heroes and armies, and challenge the most dangerous enemies with your trustworthy allies.

Atlanta, the warriors continent, is expecting your coming! What we are after is not just a game, but to create a world with you!

Game Features:
Theme: Magic background and you will shape the world.
Images: Realistic cartoon characters.
Game Play: Interactive strategy war game/role playing game. Strategies will decide the developing path and your advantages.
Maps: Multi-Level maps make the game spectacular microly and
City Constructions: You can build your own cities with imagination.
Army: With multiple soldiers, perfect strong/weak against system and formation settings, there is no best army but a better combination.
Heroes: Are different in different classes. Training powerful heroes will be the key to success.
Trade: A fantastic place for your business mind. Opportunities are concealed within.
Guild: You can chat with your allies, fight with them, plunder the lands and take the spoils. Fight for the guilds glory!
Friends: You can make friends from all around the world and they will help you within the game.
Items: A lot of powerful item systems will pave a smooth road to development.

Sanuku's comments:

iPad Version: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/4-kingdoms-for-ipad/id627883808