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Looking for an Art Designer

05-07-2013, 02:34 PM
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Looking for a Game Artist

Hello, a team of 2 programmers is looking for a digital artist/art designer/creative people to help us take the visual
component of the game to a new level. At the moment, the functional core is almost completed, the gameplay
is being polished and maps are under construction.

Regarding our project: This is a snake-like game with a dynamic gameplay, different power-ups and artifacts.
But the key feature is a unique visual appearance of each level.To summarize
possible views: underwater world, night scene, bird's eye view level, old film effect, dynamically switching maps
(Heaven(Paradise) <-> Hell(Underworld)), card-coloring and some other maps we haven't decided upon yet.

In total, there gonna be 6 maps(as well as snake's skins) + 2 background pics(main menu and a menu to choose the level).
Every map consists of several layers(font, back, dynamic, we are responsible for dynamics and functional core).
As an example of layers:
1) Back - a sea floor with different kinds of underwater stones and seashells.
2) Dynamic - fishes, jellyfishes, seaweeds.
3) Front - Sea Slick(here it is necessary to just find the fitting textures, color and transparency)
4) A snake with a scuba diving tube

A small trailer of the game can be found here(Visual Effects haven't been calibrated yet):

Ideally, the level of detalization and kind of style we would like to see is the following (please look at the
link below, we hope that Jorge Jacinto will not be offended ). But we need it to be drawn as a top view.
Other than that art designer is free to create and work wonders. The most IMPORTANT - we would like to create a
beautiful game but we don't want a cartoonish style.

Our offer: This is the most disappointing part, because this game is being developed by enthusiasts, who are sharing
their spare time between writing a thesis and working on this project. All that we could offer is
a big chunk from sales + a relatively small compensation from our
budget. This isn't the game, which is going to be a bestseller(though you never know ),
but we hope to have substantial profit, justifying our investments(it all depends on editors reviews).

Approximate release date is around end of Summer/ beginning of Fall, that's why we should have enough time,considering
speding about 2-3 weeks per 1 map.

Contact us by email: 1990agi.ios@gmail.com, portfolio is always welcomed.

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05-14-2013, 02:25 AM
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Hmm, somewhat tempting, I'll have to think about it. It sounds very cool.