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Sword of Fargoal - Classic Modernized

05-09-2013, 08:50 PM
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Sword of Fargoal - Classic Modernized

Sword of Fargoal - Classic Modernized
Price: $1.99
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To many old-school gamers, the 1982 Sword of Fargoal invokes sweet memories of exploration and intense combat. In the hopes of resurrecting that classic title, “Fargoal, LLC” introduces an updated version of the game to the App Stores. Fortunately, the recent relaunch is welcoming to both veterans and new players alike. The new and improved Sword of Fargoal manages to stick to its roots, while still offering a modern experience fit for the iPhone.
Following the original, the goal in Sword of Fargoal for the iOS is to delve through multiple floors of a dangerous dungeon in the hopes of retrieving the powerful “Sword of Fargoal,” hence the name. The game is a roguelike with randomly generated dungeons, and similarly to most roguelikes, the game is remarkably difficult. “Beating” the game is nearly impossible even on normal difficulty, but thanks to the randomly generated dungeons, dying is just the beginning of an entirely new experience.

The first thing that players will probably notice is the completely overhauled graphics. The new engine allows for great lighting, and a 2.5 dimensional perspective. While the graphics are not high fidelity, they are stylish and well-done. When compared to the original game, well, there’s no comparison.

It’s easy to tell that the controls have been refined to better suit the touch controls of the iPhone. The hero can be moved one tile with a simple swipe of the thumb, and can be moved multiple tiles by sliding the thumb and holding. This innovative method of movement controls is both fast and precise. The screen can also zoom in and out by making the familiar pinching motion. Activating spells and using items are as easy as tapping a menu at the top right of the screen. It’s easy to see that the controls are very thought out, because it’s all very intuitive to iOS users.

Perhaps the most important aspect of any game is the gameplay, and like the other aspects of the iPhone version of Sword of Fargoal, the gameplay is fantastic. The game is a mixture between turn-based and real-time, which means that there is a lot of room for strategy, but the game is never slow-paced. The game also has a surprising amount of depth. With things such as wands, shields, orbs, and spells, there's always something new to discover.

Because of the random nature of the dungeons and because of its difficulty, the game lends itself to a ridiculous amount of replayability. Every death - and there will be a lot of them - results in a completely new and different experience, so the player never gets bored of or over familiarized with a specific dungeon layout.

The iOS version of Sword of Fargoal is an almost necessary addition to anyone’s library. With its overhauled graphics, sleek controls, rich gameplay, and insane replayability, this is a title that you should not be missing out on. For only $1.99, Sword of Fargoal is a great bargain.

Final Verdict: 5/5 - MUST HAVE

Disclaimer: Fargoal, LLC reserves all rights to Sword of Fargoal and any pictures and/or graphics used.

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