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iPhone: Zound Me - A quiz game like you've never HEARD!

05-15-2013, 11:23 AM
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Zound Me - A quiz game like you've never HEARD!

Zound Me combines sound and pictures in a unique quiz experience – what you hear is what you guess!

Zoundme, A quiz app that you have never experienced before. Hearing and seeing are our two most important senses and in combination they make up most of our daily experiences. This is the simple observation behind Zound Me – a completely new game introduced today by Copenhagen Creators Associated and QuizN’Joy.

Copenhagen Creators is a concept development company, specializing in apps and mobile games for iOS. Copenhagen Creators was founded in March 2012, a young company but with a very experienced team.
In Zound Me, thousands of sounds from any imaginable source are sampled or recorded and categorized with a corresponding picture of the sound carrier. The game is all about making the connection between sound and picture as fast as possible.
There are six main categories in Zound Me:
Each category contains a great number of sub-categories that can be mixed and played for a constantly changing and challenging gaming experience - and new categories and Zounds will be introduced continuously.
Each question is linked to Wikipedia where the source of the sound is treated in depth. So for the quiz buff who wants to learn new stuff while having fun linking sounds and pictures, Zound Me is a unique new way to indulge in one’s passion.
For everybody else it’s just fun and excitement like they have never heard before.
Zound Me is available as a free download from App Store. Android and Windows versions will follow later.