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App description: A strong soldier who will stop at nothing to protect his city - enter the Brave Commando.

The Brave Commando is on his most challenging mission of all - this time to save his own city. Wars have broken out around the world and most soldiers have fled from the battlefield, only one will prevail and he shall be the bravest, the strongest and the most willing to save what is rightfully his - the city!

The helicopters and soldiers are trying to invade your base, tilt to move the Commando. Your deadly weapons are what stands between you and the enemy - make sure you aim with pinpoint accuracy! They want your city and they want you, shoot them before they can get into your base. Dozens of helicopters have been sent your way - in one of the most brutal battles of the war. Chaos is here - are you ready for it?

Shoot the incoming troops before they kill you! Slide your finger far to launch a missile, or swipe with a short motion to throw a knife! Slide against the targets. The direction of the slide will be inherited from the launched missile or knife!
Each level is harder than the last - are you powerful enough?

- Play as the Brave Commando
- Fight the ongoing war in this 2D platformer
- Experience retro graphics at your fingertips
- Play whenever you get a spare moment
- Shoot helicopters and soldiers to increase your score
- Use two weapons, tilt to move and swipe to aim.

In this exciting 2D platformer, you play as the Brave Commando in an epic battle against man and machine. Equip and fire one of two available weapons, and destroy the enemies missiles by hitting them with your own!

Brave Commando has retro graphics and stunning animations to fit with the intense gameplay, feel the heat as you are attacked with pinpoint accuracy! Gain a high score by shooting down every helicopter and soldier - be warned as your score will decrease if you allow a threat to pass! Keep your health high and stay away from danger... if that is even possible!

Play as the Brave Commando today - experience a one-man war in the palm of your hands!

edwardson's comments:
Hi All,

I would like to share you an interesting game app named Brave Commando! The app is now available on the iTunes app store with the price of $0.99. The concept of the game-play is to protect the city from the enemy forces.

Some of the features available on the app are,
  • It comes with various levels of different difficulties
  • Amazing blasts and dynamic animations
  • Different kinds of weapons available
  • Tilt to dodge

The more you react fast and think smart will achieve success.

Download the Brave Commando app in the iTunes store - here

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