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Play BRUSH MASTER beta on your Web Browser

05-17-2013, 10:57 AM
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Play BRUSH MASTER beta on your Web Browser

Hi Guys,

After a few months of hard development we are glad to announce that the Open Beta version of Brush Master is already online!

Just click this link to play the Beta on your Web Browser!

Any feedbacks will be really appreciated!

Brush Master is a racing game full of Painting, Mayhem and Tactics.

Avoiding the classic Get-First-To-The-Line type of racing game. Brush Master features an open racing battle where tactics and skills probe to be your allies to win the game by covering most of the field with your colors by the time the clock runs off.

It makes you fight BIG Bosses and Teams of very small but lightning-fast Paint Rollers that join to beat you on the campaign mode.
Itís a crazy! It's fun!

It's a highly addictive painting game that challenge your creativity thinking to produce an incredible game experience. Full of PowerUps to improve the speed, double the size, spawning a bomb mayhem or just hitting the opponents to slow them down.

Best of all: Its now in an Open Beta where you can try the game directly on your browser before it hits the stores.

Check the trailer at:

Play the beta of the game on your web browser!!

The game will be available on PC, Android and IOS as soon as the beta closes.
05-19-2013, 11:00 PM
Joined: May 2012
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Hey Guys!

We just received an awesome review from Gamezebo:

"In perhaps the first mobile game to combine racing with painting, Brush Master by Inter-illusion Games takes competitive painting to an amazing new level. With tons of colors, depth, and even colossal boss fights, this one is sure to leave your smock splattered with all sorts of fun. The goal of each stage is simple: have the majority of the blank paper canvas covered in your color when the timer is up. Of course, things become much more hectic when you throw in multiple players all trying to do the same thing at once."


Thx Joe!

BTW, remember that we are still in the open beta, if you try the game and have any suggestions for us, it will help us a lot!

Try the game: http://www.inter-illusion.com/games/...sh-master-beta