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App description: Head, Body & Legs Launch Competition!

The hilarious classic game Head, Body & Legs ... now with a mischievous new twist!

Budding artist or just want to take the mickey out of your friends? Head, Body & Legs is a 21st-century take on the fun drawing app with infinite hilarious possibilities!


Imagine your best friend as a spiky-haired punk or magical fairy nows your chance to make it happen and share it with the world!

Use your library photos along with the enormous range of free stickers and drawing tool to create freakishly fun depictions of your friends on your iPhone or iPad... Simply post your art onto friends Facebook walls to share it or email it instead.

Not a bad bone in your body? Play the classic drawing game with friends instead! Use the sticker pack or easy, intuitive drawing tool to draw the Head and pass it on... Your friend cant see your creation but adds the Body and passes it on... either you or another friend adds the Legs! And yes, you naughty people, you can use your photos in the classic game too!

With so many brilliant stickers heads, bodies and legs right through to moustaches, comedy teeth and fishnet stockings! and an easy, intuitive drawing tool the combinations for harmless fun (and mickey-taking!) are endless.

- Play the classic Head, Body & Legs game
- Add your photos at any stage of the game
- Drawing toolkit - create your own illustrations
- Enormous range of fun stickers
- Play offline without signing in
- Play online by sending your friends a request by Facebook
- Play online by sending your friends a request by email
- More themed sticker packs available from the store!

Short Bald and Lanky's comments:

Head, Body and Legs is now live on iOS. To download Head, Body & Legs click here at the App Store today:


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