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French Translations

05-20-2013, 04:07 PM
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French Translations

Hello to everyone!

I'm here to offer you my help for Translations in French language.

I'm not a developper but just a simple Gamer who wishes to help Devs, for Free of course.
As a Gamer I would really like to see some good games translated so that more people could enjoy it. And we all know that French people unfortunately doesnt' speak English very well (sometimes even not at all). Most of the time it leads to bad reviews just because of that...

French language is quite special and sometime if you translate it literraly it wont make any sense. I'm willing to offer you different translations with explanations and advices.

I'm not a proffesional translator but I like it when a Translation is well done. I don't promise that I'll be avaible 365 days in a Year but I'll do what needs to be done as fast as I can.

I hope that my offer will be interesing for all of you. If so, just contact me on : nsompairac@me.com

All my best wishes to all of you!