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App description: The coolest pet raising game ever, now french version also available!
+ Use puzzle mechanics to battle, raise and strengthen your pets and explore the dungeons!
First charge will get double the Sorcerer's Stone! What are you waiting for?!
It is time to celebrate! Invite your friends to join in Puzzles and Monsters and receive a powerful rare pet!

==============About the Game==============
Pass through time and space and wake the gods!
Use these puzzle style controls to battle and open a whole new world of gameplay!
Collect, Synthesize and Evolve your pets to become the ultimate legend!
- Simple? We dont think so.
You have unlimited time to plan out your attack, but once you start you only have 5 seconds to complete your action.
Make combos for added power!
- Your enemies are no slackers, to overcome them will require great wisdom!
When you eliminate gems, pets of the same element will launch an attack.
- Teamwork is a prerequisite for victory!
Good teamwork and strategic planning of abilities will be the key to success.
With so many options youre sure to become addicted.
- Your friends may already be in here!
Pick a friend or stranger to aid you in battle.
After the battle invite him / her to be your friend and get rewarded.
05-27-2013, 02:19 PM
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Looks interesting
05-27-2013, 03:13 PM
Looks like Puzzle and Dragons, which is so good and already free, so I don't really know why anyone would play a knockoff.