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Inzen Studio is looking to hire a Game Coder!

05-28-2013, 01:37 AM
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Inzen Studio is looking to hire a Game Coder!

Inzen Studio is hiring!
Available position: Game Code Warrior (also known as Game Coder)

We are.. a band of 5 game developers who met at the Singapore-MIT Gambit Game Lab. We’d worked on a couple of kick-ass games before, ranging from a cult-hit fighting game that was almost violence perfected, to a popular vertical shooter involving some seriously enraged dots which you controlled by literally sketching out awesome attack formations.

Though we had a lot of fun at the time, they wanted to create more immersive play experiences.. especially ones involving Giant Mecha Gorillas! Enter Inzen Studio. Starting in Oct 2012, Inzen Studio is now a scrappy band of 6 fired up developers across Singapore, Uruguay and China.

Inzen draws inspiration from Asian entertainment throughout the years. Being big fans of manga, anime and the games that were released in the 90s, we cheered when Shōhoku faced off against Sannoh, we laughed when Ultraman forgot how to activate his powers and we felt awesome when we punched our Sega Saturn controllers like Segata Sanshiro.

(We also LOLed when monsters ran all over the screen in one episode of Takeshi’s Castle but that’s a whole other thing.)

#What we’re like to work with:
3 of us work out of an office in Somerset, Singapore and the rest of us + our extended team works completely online.

We do daily check-ins, we set weekly objectives and we try and play lots of board games.. and a bit of bball when we’re all in the same place together!

Balance is a big thing for us and this means we balance our creative freedom well with company sustainability.

#A word cloud of what inspires us/we play:
Crazy japanese game shows, Running Man, Star Control, Rhythm Heaven, Segata Sanshiro, Valve, Penny Arcade, Metal Gear Solid, Batman, Plague, Team Fortress, Bishi Bashi, ROTK, Mass Effect, DOTA, Robot Unicorn Attack and many moar.

Job Description
- Develop technology that enables innovative game play

- Design, create and optimize game code systems

- Write clear and maintainable code with proper documentation

- Able to assist in code management and prioritizing of coding tasks.

- Work with the development team to create a working code pipeline.

Our Selection Process Flow
1. CV Review

2. Programming Test

3. Interview (online)

What it could be like to work with us?
1. the ability to work from home

2. the freedom to choose on your own work hours

3. the ability to learn at your own pace, and hone your skills with a dynamic team

3. for the longer term, a chance to set the technical direction for future games

We require that you are:
+ able to build game source code independently, from start to finish

+ well versed in at least one cross-platform framework mobile platforms (Cocos2d-x, Corona, Starling, Titanium etc.)

+ strong in C++ programming

+ well versed in source version control systems (Git, SVN)

+ familiar with standard coding conventions and practices

+ developed at least one game

+ able to work and deliver milestones while working remotely from home

+ able to communicate fluently in English

+ passionate about play! and games!

+ experienced in iOS or Android games development

+ experienced in web development (PHP, MySQL)

+ adept at Objective C, C#, Java, Flash Action Script

+ worked with a multi-disciplined team (artists, designers etc.)

+ experienced in freelancing and remote working

+ able to start working with us immediately

If you are interested, we will be excited to hear from you!
Please send us your CV and portfolio to mail@inzenstudio.com, with the email subject: Inzen Game Code Warrior Application.

Once shortlisted, a programming test will be sent to you within a few days.
Thank you!

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