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App description: Triviality is real trivia. Come on! Show us how big *your* brain is!

Based on the top-selling game from Europe, Spiel Der Weisen (literally, "Game of the Wise"), Triviality has been completely rebuilt from the ground-up for an English-speaking audience with 2,700 brand new questions written by Trivial Pursuit's original trivia masters, Retina-ready graphics and brand new features like pass 'n play mode, Apple Airplay support and The Brain Gauge.

With Triviality, you get:

SOLO MODE Pit your knowledge against our Trivia Masters. How many of our brain-straining questions can you answer? Each one you get right fills your Brain Gauge. Get all 2,700 right and we'll award you the Golden Brain (requires purchase of expansion sets 1-3 or the Master Edition). And for those who want to get more from your trivia, we even include background information on many questions.

NOTE: If you choose to upgrade to the Master Edition, it is currently 50% the regular price for a limited time!

CHALLENGE MODE Battle your friends (or total strangers) head-to-head over 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi. There are many challenges you can try: can't beat them at sports? Try Pop Culture! Didn't do so well in the Marco Polo challenge? Hit them with Weird Science! There are tons of themes and we're adding more all the time!

PASS 'N PLAY MODE Do you have actual live, in-person friends? Like the kind that sometimes visit you in your home? Then you're going to love taking them on in Pass 'n Play mode. Anywhere from 2 to 8 players take turns answering questions. Whoever answers the most questions the quickest, wins! And to really crank the fun up to "11," connect your iPhone or iPad to Apple's AirPlay. It's like having a game show in your living room!

Who will enjoy Triviality?

Smart people.
People who think they're smart people.
People who want to get revenge on all those people who think they're smart people.
People who like to have fun.
People who like to make fun of people who don't get the questions right.
People who like to hit people who make fun of them when they don't get the questions right.

So if you know Jack and are definitely smarter than a 5th grader, try Triviality its the Ultimate Brain Game!

Find out more on Facebook (facebook.com/TrivialityGame) and Twitter (@TrivialityGame).

QuantumMechanix's comments:
My name is Megan and I represent Quantum Mechanix Interactive - a developer historically of apps for the entertainment industry, but as of last week, we have launched our very first game on iOS.

Triviality is a real trivia game based on Spiel der Weisen, a very popular European board game, and our version has over 2,000 questions created by the original Trivial Pursuit masters.

If you'd like to check it out, the trailer pretty much sums things up and it's free to download if you want to see it for yourself.

Be warned, though - this is a game pretty much exclusively for smart people...