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Battle Reign [Universal]

06-17-2013, 02:32 PM
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Battle Reign [Universal]

Any Battle Isle veterans out there?

Battle Reign is a military-themed, turn-based online multiplayer strategy game. In each of the ten unique scenarios players can take control of a set of varying combat units available from a modern weaponry arsenal of four selectable factions. During the game, players strategically move their units on a hexagon tile map, attack opposing forces, conquer enemy buildings, build or repair new or damaged units in various types of buildings to ensure an advantage over the opposing player. An advantage can be gained by collecting energy resources - oil barrels - and by using them to produce units following the rock-paper-scissors principle. Units are able to gain experience and to rise in rank which makes them powerful assets that can rival large amassments of inexperienced strike forces. Every unit has a special set of stats (accessible by double-tapping on a unit), which determine their ability to move, defend and attack ground, airborne or naval opposing units with varying efficiency and over specific distances. The goal on every map is to destroy all enemy units or to capture the opposing player’s headquarters while preventing the opposing player from being successful in the very same endeavor. The overall goals of the game are to progress the player’s rank, to climb worldwide leaderboards and to master a challenging list of achievements.


• Compelling graphics
• Sophisticated set of unit-, turn- and player-based statistics
• Focus on multiplayer duels with the opportunity to compare player progress in leaderboards
• Challenging achievements
• Simple, intuitive interface

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06-17-2013, 04:47 PM
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Well I just started trying to play this game and my impressions so far are:
-It needs a tutorial for starters, you have no idea what your doing or why

-needs some kind of indicator on your troops so you know who can still move, also on moving it would be nice to see the units like tanks drive into position not just go from one point to the destination.

-being able to zoom out a bit further would also be nice,

-and lastly for now some kind of offline skirmish game, multiplayer only games never last very long in my previous experience, there's just never enough players to keep it going.

Looks like it has potential though. Just not there yet.
06-20-2013, 05:21 PM
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Thank you very much for playing and for sharing your impressions. Unfortunately I forgot to include a link to the FAQ in the initial post which, I am aware, does not make up for an in-game tutorial, but it should answer some of your questions and wishes. For instance, an indicator that shows which units can still move or perform an action is already implemented.

Here is the link: FAQ

Zooming out to see the entire map was scratched (in-turn, it is still possible out-of-turn) in favor of ensuring good performance on older devices like the 3GS.

Animations and a single player campaign are one many people's wish lists and will be included in future updates.