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iPad: Froot n Nutz HD Go on S-T-E-A-L from a friend!

06-17-2013, 09:22 PM
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Froot n Nutz HD Go on S-T-E-A-L from a friend!

My name is Tony Takoushi from Total ArKade Software in Brisbane, Australia.

We have a new game out on Wednesday June 19th called Froot 'n' Nutz and we designed it to take all you know and love about froot slashing games and offer you more, MUCH more.

The iOS HD and iphone versions are out today and the others follow tomorrow.

Take a peek at the Froot n Nutz promo video and you’ll see it REALLY IS something NEW and EXCITING in Froot slashing. 

Youtube link | Pop Up

There's multiplayer like you've never seen.
A player can swipe a froot in their half then carry the swipe through to the opponents half to s-t-e-a-l one of their nutz for a bonus!

This one really has had players go head to head!!!!!

Similarly players can try Vortex, this sucks in froot n nutz and gives massive bonuses..but it can also slingshot them off screen.

All new modes like Froot ‘n’ Nutz where a player swipes a froot then a nut alternately or 1 Up where they swipe numbers in sequence (1, 2, 3) that’s easy...right?

Players can use their Fingurz to master 'The Swipe'.
This is where players swipe a froot then a nut in 1 continuous swipe with no longer than 1 second between each froot and nut - the result is a m-a-s-s-i-v-e escalating bonus for each additional froot or nut swiped!

Try connecting 50 or more froot and nutz in one continuous swipe for millions in bonus points...it's really exciting to play.

Players will love 'The Quake' this triggers when they reach 10 or more swipe bonus, when they reach 20 be prepared to rumble, the earth really will move for you!

If the action is too much players can use Zero Gravity to make froot/nutz weightless and pick them off at their leisure.

Froot n nut patterns come in from 360 degrees and are flowing and organic, they are mesmerizing.

We wanted to go a little retro and there are froot bosses at the end of Froot n Nutz and 1 Up modes.

You simply swipe them to make them expand and explode before they go off screen; they release plenty of goodies along the way, very, very juicy!

Survival mode offers 3 times (30,60,90 seconds) in single and multiplayer, the screen comes alive and sweaty palms are guaranteed, as you swipe froot/nut alternately to max out the score in a limited time.

We have a great range of characters, 23 wacky and very cheeky ones, players will love their expressions as they fly across the screen and poke fun at them!

Froot n Nutz has a 9 page comic which sets the scene and Easter eggs for players to discover and there are over 20 Achievements and 5 Leaderboards with regular updates to follow.

It’s for iOS and Android formats, it’s available in Free and Paid and also in HD (for ipad,iphone4/4s/iphone 5), the 3GS hasn't been forgotten either

We’re all insanely hooked on mastering ‘The Swipe’, try it...just one more game...and I'm still playing it 40 minutes later and that's after 30 years of games playing in the industry


Tony Takoushi
Total ArKade Software