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App description: Lost for over three thousand years. Ancient power and untold riches remained buried in the sands of Egypt. The game once played by the Egyptian gods themselves. Now you can summon the power and claim the riches of the Jewels Of Egypt.

Jewels of Egypt is a blitz style matching game. Beautiful design, great graphics and incredible game play make this the matching game to own. Use mystical Egyptian jewels to unlock your scoring potential. Race the clock and choose the best moves you can. Can you trigger the legendary jewel fall leading you to the top of the leader board? Do your moves summon mystical Egyptian Jewels to the game board?

Collect coins as you play to keep purchasing and using your mystical Egyptian jewels or if you are short some gold pieces grab a few from the ever friendly Egyptian merchant.

The first mystical Egyptian Jewel is referred to as the Hammer of Apophis. This jewel shatters all the other jewels on the same row and column that it is on. Incredible scoring potential can be unlocked with the Hammer of Apophis.

The second mystical Egyptian Jewel is known as the Coin of Horus. Inside the jewel is a coin placed there by ancient Egyptian magic. If you use a Coin of Horus in a match the coin is released and great fortune is passed on to you. Try not to leave these unused or you could be missing out a large fortune.

The third mystical Egyptian Jewel is called the Curse of Ra! This jewel when combined with any other jewel next to it will destroy all the jewels of that type that are on the game board. Use the Curse of Ra! wisely as its destruction is so great that it will destroy other mystical jewels as well. The Curse of Ra! is so powerful that you can only ever have two per game.

The Hammer of Apophis and Coin of Horus show up during the game play when your match is large enough to summon them. So remember your moves control your fate.
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The appinfo tag had not pulled my description in. Fixed that so you can now read what the game is about as well.