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iPad: Threadbare Games new creation: Goblin Grand Prix. First concept art released

07-02-2013, 03:52 PM
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Threadbare Games new creation: Goblin Grand Prix. First concept art released

What's The Game?

-Goblin Grand Prix (GGP) is an asynchronous turn-based multiplayer iOS game (for iPads and iPhones), inspired by the classic board game RoboRally!

Goblin Grand Prix is a multiplayer iOS game inspired by the classic board game RoboRally. You are a goblin, manager and pilot of a golem racing team. Each turn, you and the other players will simultaneously plan your actions. You'll secretly plot where you want your golem to go, step-by-step and move-by-move, until you've given it 5 sequential commands. After all players have finished their planning phase, the turn is played out and the game shows you what happened when all the players' moves came together. Did your carefully laid plans get you closer to victory, or did you get shoved off course by an opponent and end up stuck in a corner? Or even worse, did you miscalculate your plan and pilot your golem right into a bottomless pit?

How It All Began - The World of GGP

From the shining golden kingdoms of Men to the glamoured fey forests of the Elves, the world of Oxnard is populated with fantastic places and races. Majestic dragons circle impossibly tall mountain peaks, Dwarven vigorsmiths imbue mystical life into fantastic stone golems, and Noble Orcs ride mighty steeds across sprawling plains.

Then there’s the Goblins... Scrawny, short and bug-eyed, living in hovels and caves, collecting junk and cobbling it together into harebrained contraptions. The “more civilized” races may look on them with open disdain, but only the uniquely Goblin combination of freeloading, improvisation and ingenuity could’ve come up with the Goblin Grand Prix.

The moment an enterprising goblin found a couple of shabby, haggard golems in a trash heap, then strapped weapons to them and made them fight, history was made.

Now, big corporate money flows into the hometown of the GGP, and the Goblins spend it on crazier arenas, wilder golems, bigger fireballs, and anything else they can think of to cause the most chaos.

Golem concept art as promised

Risks and challenges

We've done an acclaimed single-player game (Shifts) that's gotten solid reviews from places like PocketTactics and BoardGame Geek. We've never done a multiplayer game as a team before, and multiplayer development always takes a little longer than you think it should. It's not an insurmountable technological hurdle, but it is a challenge, and it will require us to do a bit of technical learning to get the product the way we want it to function. We're also a pretty young team, with a lot of big ambitions, but we're designing this to make sure we have a shippable product that you (and we!) will want to play. Assuming the game does decently, we will continue to generate additional content for the game post-launch, but like all games, there's some risk involved there, as discovery is always a challenge. That said, we're dedicated to the vision and idea of Goblin Grand Prix, and we really want to make the game a reality.

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07-09-2013, 04:57 PM
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Scrapyard Golem released

Second piece of concept art added!