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App description: Curves is a great game for all ages. Play Curves with up to three friends on parties, in lectures or at school - Everywhere! Curves is as brilliant as it is simple: Cut off the way of the other players and survive as long as you can, without hitting an obstacle yourself.

+ Instantly addictive
+ Play against up to 4 CPU enemies. Alone or with your friends!
+ Super multiplayer fun for your iPhone or iPad
+ Exciting power-ups, which make every match unpredictable
+ Share your best matches with your friends instantly and show off who's the boss

Curves is a competitive snake like game. There are no In-App-Purchases or other catches in the game - just pure fun!

Get Curves now and compete alone or with up to three friends on your iPhone or iPad!

danielkiedrowski's comments:
Hey TouchArcade,
we just released our first game for iOS (as well as Android and OUYA). And we'd really appreciate your opinion.

Curves is a simple, instantly addictive multiplayer game for the iPad or iPhone. Two to four players competing in a doodle snake race trying to cut off the way of each other, without hitting other snakes or the border of the playing field themselves.

This sounds easier than it is: The wibbely-wobbely controls and the items, which are a real game changer, are pain and fun at the same time.

Curves is our first game and our first product we published on three platforms (iOS, Android and OUYA) simultaneously. Started as a test for our cross-platform technology, we played Curves a lot on parties and in lectures with friends. Steady laughter convinced us that Curves is more than just a test - it's a great multiplayer fun.

Curves comes totally free and ad supported and has conquered the AppStore in a blaze in Austria, being among the top 5 apps in the categories family games, action games, overall games and overall free apps and having an average star rating of 4.0.

The WIRED magazine online wrote about Curves, being one of their favorite launch titles for the OUYA.

On iOS we provide a great feature, no other version has so far: Player can record and share their best or exciting matches on Everyplay an online platform for game replays.

To see Curves in action visit our curves replay hub on everyplay: https://everyplay.com/curves
For more information on curves visit: http://curves.levire.com
iTunes-Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/curves-free/id656176793