App description: CubeTrack is an addictive game that test your judge and response capacity.

It has five tracks that never been stopped , and includes five colors.

Dynamically change the player color.

Snowflakes,will be bigger with the score.It will block the line of sight,if in order to obtain a higher score, you have to be a good skill!

Game Features:

* Fully automatic generation track, you have to carefully judge every action!
* Random drop coins, you can increase the score.
* Dynamically change the player color.
* Add snowflakes,will be bigger with the score.
* Interesting action and music
* Full leaderboards support !
* A simple, addictive game for every type of player
* easy controls
* Game Center support
* Retina Display support
* Universal

There are so many other new little features based on all of you feedback! If you have any other suggestions,complaints, or questions, get in touch with me!

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As always,enjoy!

frms's comments:
Before,look at :
CubeTrack Free have 2000 users in Game Center !
Hope you join!

07-06-2013, 10:58 PM
So far we have great feedbacks on the game, make sure you check it out!loved it. Very polished, fun game.
08-06-2013, 03:29 PM

Cubetrack free has updated to 2.0