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A must have program for pre-teens, IMO. Algebra game.

07-07-2013, 12:56 PM
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A must have program for pre-teens, IMO. Algebra game.

My daughters are 12, and they are going into 7th grade, but will be taking 9th grade math. Lin my area 9th grade means the start of real algebra - they had pre algebra in 6th grade. Anyway, I saw an article somewhere about a "game" called Dragon Box 2".

Basically it is a game that teaches algebra but really feels like a game. It starts out super simple, so simple in fact that I was thinking "what the hell is this"? But as it progresses you can see the difficulty ramping up, and real algebra is being taught. My kids LOVE this game, and it is quite obvious that they really are learning algebra... In fact, so much so, that they now know more about algebra than I do.

We have the version for 12+, but there is actually a version for kids that are 5 or 7 years old - I forget.

It is $9.99 for the version for older kids, but well worth it if you ask me.... And I am not one who likes spending more than $5 on any app or game.

I am not affiliated with the program in any way...... This program rocks! And it feels just like a game to the kids.